Perfection in the park

The 13-meter high main lobby makes for an impressive entrance to TaunusTurm and in the urban context fulfills a very special function. As an iconic entryway visible from afar it forms a new gate to the city at Taunustor and acts as a direct link to the park. The green parkland creates a great sense of depth and space, while inside the lobby impressive walls, floors and the reception desk all made of natural stone catch the eye.

Everyday work at TaunusTurm will be influenced by the pioneering architecture, the love of intelligent detail, and ultra-modern building technology. The functions include ground-floor food services and a lunch restaurant for staff and guests on the 1st floor.

A TaunusTurm special: the six-storey podium building, which will have a lobby of its own opening out onto Neue Mainzer Strasse. The podium’s roof-top terrace with its stunning backdrop will offer a unique location for corporate conventions and events.

Building services will of course be of an equally premier standard. Building management will be available 24 / 7 to assist tenants and guests alike.

  1. 1    Taunusanlage
  2. 2    Rothschildpark
  3. 3    Mainufer